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As a brand, Mystic Blue Jay was started in 2020, amidst Coronavirus uncertainty and deep contemplation of how I could seriously begin to get business-minded about my work. I wanted to express my passion for the material realm and the soul behind it through detachment and letting go. As much as I like to keep some things, I like to make and give more. This allows me to share my inspiration with others in effort to operate the flow of giving and receiving— the essence of commerce. It also helps prevent me from becoming a hoarder! 


In the world of Ms. Jay, you will find paintings and prints, t-shirts and jewelry, and guidance (should you seek it) through tarot. My blog is a work in progress exploring tarot as it is associated with comparative myth, psychology, scientific discovery and personal insight. I have a BFA in painting, an MA in Psychoanalysis, maintain an LMHC in counseling and am a level 2 Reiki Master.








Fine Art and Illustration

Where did it all begin? When I was a senior in high school, I majored in art. When I could get away with it, I skipped other classes (sorry mom and dad) to hang out in the art room and work on projects. The first time I used paint was for a self-portrait assignment to be rendered in complimentary colors. As I was feeling love at first paint, my teacher peered over my shoulder like a wonderful supportive angel, and said, "Oh. I guess you're a painter." She felt it too! It was confirmed for me in that moment: Yes, I am a painter. Over the past twenty years, my artistic journey has taught me about the way physical reality is constructed. To paint, one must see, and seeing is a form of study. It is meditation from which information can be revealed, resulting in scientific discovery. Caterpillars don't tell us they turn into butterflies— we watch them do itVision is not just a language, it is the language of the Universe. Lately I have been exploring an illustrative style evoking the child within. You will find fine-art prints under the tab "Art."









Chaos Spirits is an oracle deck (the images on the main page are illustrations from the deck) which includes cards conceptually similar to those in the twenty two major arcana of the tarot. These images are the main inspiration for Mystic Blue Jay's t-shirt line— Fashion with intention. The designs harbor energy you can wear and attract!


Mystic Blue Jay's jewelry collection reflects nature and its elemental personifications (coughfairiescough) often employing semi-precious stones, as well as floral and leaf patterns. My bracelets and rings exude my love of antiques through showcasing picture buttons from the 1800-1900's and other rustic adornments. I try to be eco-friendly and buy from small companies or independent sellers when possible, and it is a goal of mine to improve in this effort as the brand evolves. 




My blog and counseling services are focused in Western approaches to spirituality and philosophy as they incorporate ancient wisdom. Hermeticism asserts that the Universe is mental. Thoughts are just as powerful as seeds. Thinking is not just an activity of the brain, it is a component of a consciousness which permeates physical existence. As microcosms of the Universe, working with the mind as the root of our existence allows us to manifest in the physical realm. This knowledge is inherent in tarot (which you can read more about in my blog). In the vein of Joseph Campbell, I am interested in how comparative myth points toward a collective unconscious that can be explored to increase understanding of existence in general. Buddhists call this the revelation of Dharma— I have experienced it in many quiet moments and on meditation retreats. Through this process, we can learn to live harmoniously in a community of others. It is my hope that Mystic Blue Jay's products and services will help promote a magical lifestyle in which growth is nurtured and peace is easily accessible. 

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