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An intuitive artist and writer, Ms. Jay ceased her magical practice in the tradition of the Golden Dawn in 2012 to concentrate on Vipassana meditation and higher education in the field of psychology. After achieving a master's degree in mental health counseling and Psychoanalysis in 2017, working with Tarot resumed her interest in esotericism. Through pathworking, universal truths were revealed. This allowed her the freedom and release to, once again, deepen her practices in the metaphysical. She believes ancient philosophical concepts apply to modern psychology and wellness and that ultimate well-being requires a transpersonal approach, beyond even, what is traditionally considered "spiritual" by modern practitioners who are too often pressured by adhering to the trends of a consumer society. She has recently revisited her roots, officially joining the order of the Aurum Solis and deepening her meditation practice. 

Fine Art



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