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In 2013 I was an occasional artist hobbyist who wanted to do more but could never 'find the time'. Confused about what I wanted to express or how to find or develop a unique style, I doubted whether or not anyone would ever care enough about my art to make it worthwhile. After about a dozen sessions with Ms. Jay, I'd developed a sense of confidence and direction I didn't think was ever possible. She had an absolute genius for finding meaning in my early art attempts that I couldn't see. Better yet, she taught me to see all that myself, and to tap into it. Most importantly, she helped me to be honest with myself and to BE myself. She promised that if I continued to do that, I could be any kind of artist I wanted to be, and that I'd find the people who appreciated my work. She was absolutely right on all counts. Today I'm a professional artist. I create every day, have an identifiable 'style', and support myself doing what I love. I never could have gotten here without Ms. Jay's creative wisdom and guidance. - Alan Winter

Tarot Reading

The most important part of a reading is the entering of a third consciousness in which insight is gained with immediacy by the reader through the power of symbolism. This insight is then delivered to the querent. Best results occur when a natural dialogue between the two parties ensues. The exchange becomes a direct access to the immaterial realm, (the "collective unconscious") in which we confront that which was previously hidden. 

Twenty minute read: Donation-based

Creative Coaching 

I am a licensed mental health clinician in the state of MA. My experience working with a wide demographic has provided invaluable insight as I segue into creative coaching. If you are feeling the need for creative guidance in life, I can help you learn to focus energy in alignment with Universal flow, assist in identifying and removing mental blocks which impede progress, and help you implement and commit to boundaries conducive to the artistic process. I use theory gleaned by personal gnosis which finds correlations in science and ancient wisdom.


1 hour minimum per session. I offer a sliding scale based on income.

Buddha Fairy.jpg


I am a level two reiki master currently offering distance reiki to online clients. I will soon have a space to practice seated reiki in person. I went into reiki as a skeptic with no expectations. What I experienced in training was personally profound and healing.


Full thirty minute intake and session: Donation-based

Art Lessons

For visual artists only, or those who wish to embark on this path.

I will teach you how to communicate with your unconscious through your work, and help you hone your unique style. 

1 hour minimum per session. I offer a sliding scale based on income.


If you hear a voice within you say, "you cannot paint," then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.

 Vincent Van Gogh

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