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The work presented here encapsulates a sense of timelessness. The effort is a return to old media and process (charcoal/abstraction) once utilized with curiosity— the current outcome of which benefits from knowledge and practice gained in the past fifteen years exploring color, detail, and familiarity with form as it exists in the physical world. For this reason, these images are ghostly and ethereal. They are both dead, and not yet born. 


I began these works as an effort to deconstruct the bodily form as a symbolic act to break down a conditioned, psychic paradigm. Shortly after, the pandemic occurred, literally deconstructing the world as we knew it. The first images listed are the most recent. They incorporate mushroom ink from inky cap mushrooms which sprouted majestically, day after day in my garden during the early part of Spring. To connect with my unconscious, I also used my non-dominant hand to access parts of my brain and body that were not previously subject to intentional use. 

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